hi :)

I'm Guffin. I do art and I wanna do art for you.This is my main website for general info about what I do and how you can get art from me. I post my art on Twitter and Weasyl (both are linked at the bottom of the page).

Examples + Prices

Discord-ready EmotesThese are fairly small and simple, making them perfect for Discord. Comes with a cropped + uncropped version.


StickersLarger and more detailed than Emotes. Good for half-bodies.


Fullbodies / Complex ScenesIf you're looking for a more detailed piece, this is for you. Price can vary a lot depending on how many characters, props, etc.


Small Looping AnimationsIntended for animated Discord emotes. Price can vary depending on animation complexity.


Commission Process

I am almost always available for commissions. Check the top of the page to see if I am open or not.To start the process of getting a commission from me, just contact me through Twitter or Discord. Tell me what you're interested in getting, and we'll go from there. The two main things I'll need from you are your ref sheet (or some art of your sona), and your email to send the PayPal invoice to.Prices are listed in USD. Payment is done through a PayPal invoice. Commissions typically take up to a few days. When a commission is done, I pack the exported images into a .zip and send it your way (through Discord, or anything else if you prefer).The stuff I show on this website is not an extensive list of everything I can draw for you. If you want something from me that isn't directly listed here, or if you'd like more detail on how I do all of this, please contact me so we can work it out.

Terms of Service

When you commission me, you agree to the following terms:

  • I have the right to decline or cancel a commission

  • I have the right to post the finished commission on my own social medias to promote myself

  • Commissions are non-refundable once the invoice is paid

  • No art made by me, including commissions, may be used in any blockchain-related technology (NFTs, cryptocurrency, etc)